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 Power Rangers Super Legends

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THX for this upload must fly out to hiheto!!!
It seems like just yesterday that the Power Rangers leapt into our lives. Now these icons of the Mighty Morphin era emerge to celebrate 15 years of
high-action crime fighting in Power Rangers: Super Legends. Based on the long-running television show, this thrilling adventure places you in
the role of one of 20 Rangers from the original Mighty Morphin squad
to the current Operation Overdrive. Pummel hordes of henchmen in dynamic Zord Battle sequences and protect the world as you go. Unleash
gravity-defying blows on your enemies to send them flying into the sky, and execute super-human acrobatics worthy of your title as
Ranger. Each and every confrontation mirrors the intensity
of the TV show.
Combine timed button inputs and custom battle animations into unbelievable [/quote]sequences of punishing moves.
Demonstrate intricate double jumps, air dashes and wall jumps that look like they could be found on a movie screen. Make your way through each mission with a friend in co-op play and use the combo system to help
each other
in combat. You'll also have to use your brain to solve
challenging puzzles along the way. The more devastation
you dish out, the more unlockables you'll earn, such as
music, illustrations, new moves and new levels. By the
time you're through, those bad guys will wish they never
messed with a Ranger as fierce as you.

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Power Rangers Super Legends
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