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 لعشاق كرة السلة NBA Live 08 + Add-Ons

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مُساهمةموضوع: لعشاق كرة السلة NBA Live 08 + Add-Ons   الخميس أبريل 03, 2008 8:33 pm

لعشاق كرة السلة NBA Live 08 + Add-Ons

NBA Live 08 + Add-Ons

خطوات تشغيل اللعبة :
* فك الضغط عن الملفات
* احرق ملف الأيزو على اسطوانة او استخدم الديمون تولز
*قم بتسطيب اللعبة واستخدم الكيجن keygen الموجود بالفولدر المسمى Crack
*قم بنسخ الملف التنفيذى لتشغيل اللعبة بعد عمل الكراك له و الصقه فى مسار \Crack على الـ DVD


1. Extract ISO and mount on Daemon's Tool
2. Run install and put in one of the serial numbers included in the NFO
3. Finish install and click quit instead of play!
4. Go to my computer and on the Drive that the ISO is mounted on and search for "crack"
5. Copy files from inside the folder into the NBA LIVE 08 Folder under the EA Sports Folder in your C:\
6. Then double click the exe file or shortcut on your desktop and Enjoy


Realistic Roster:-

New features/fix in v.2.0:
New 250 signature shot for nba and FIBA players!
New GoToMoves for 20+ players! (thanks for new sigshot and GTM at WebberF1, great patcher in NLSC!)
New real hotspot for all nba players (from! (thank you BabyFace for great work!)
Complete update away socks and accessories for all teams (black socks)!(thank you denisThePiston for great work! )
Updated overall players.
Shoes and skin fix for some players.
Added cyberfaces and portraits for rookies.
New nicknames, tattoo and cyberfaces for some players.
Fix Jamario Moon dunk style.
Optional folder with new lighting and ball.
Two version of Realistic Roster: normal, and with “Maek fix” for best substitution (perfect for dynasty mode)!

General features of Realistic Roster:
1)Real team NBA rosters updated at 19-01-2008, with real name, nickname, numbers and body. Update overall players of National Teams (USA, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Greece etc.) Add Bargnani and Gallinari in Italy Team.

2)Players have more realistic values, all manually updated one by one referring to the NBA official stats and FIBA competitions.
new overall players
new score area players
new destiny and learning for all players
new 3pt shot attitude for all players
new fatigue overall for best substitution
real starting five (or best starting five in some case)
Fix Garnett and Ray Allen in All star East team.
Add Dream Team 1992 and Dream Team 1996 (thanks Andrew NLSC Admin!).
3) Real contracts both in salary and duration.

4)New black socks for Boston and Phoenix jerseys away! Some fix on body, muscles and skin colour players.
5)Completely renewed teamgear.dbf, which allows now to use all the alternative jerseys blocked in the default game, among these some hidden and others found on the web:

St. Patrick Day’s Boston, Chicago and New York jerseys.
New Orleans’ St.Valentine jersey
Black for Toronto, Houston and Orlando
Red one for Milwakee
Glacier and some old Phoenix’s jerseys
Blue 2006 and old Philadelphia jerseys
Gold jerseys for Sacramento and Washington
Silver and grey San Antonio jersey
Alternative and fictional Memphis jerseys
Alternative Dallas 2003-04 jersey (2X res., if game crash don’t use)
White home and Black away Cleveland 2002-03 (2X res., if game crash don’t use)
New european 2007 tour jersey for Boston, Memphis, Toronto, Minnesota.
New National Teams jerseys by Looser.

Updated all players’ shoes through the shoesacc.dbf file, including every version of the accurate shoes’ patch (3.0 and 3.5). Obviously all shoes’ files must to be placed into the sgsm folder. Updated also just traded players’ shoes.

Updated appearance.dbf file including real players’ stuffs (bands, bracelets, tattoos and so on)

6)New Lighting patch by Babylei and Net update for improve game graphics.
7)New Real Spalding NBA ball.
New Transition by Zaman
9)New simulation engine by Yesky1983 for solve bug default game.

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لعشاق كرة السلة NBA Live 08 + Add-Ons
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